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  abstract     = {Growth and mineral nutrient elemental content were
studied in Mokara chark kuan pink terrestrial orchid and wild
Lantana camara weed agroecosystem. The treated subplots were
encircled with L. camara plants and sprayed weekly with L. camara
10% leaf aqueous extract. Allelopathic interactions were possible
through extensive invading root of L. camara plants into the treated
orchid subplots and weekly L. camara leaf aqueous extract
sprayings. Orchid growth was not significantly different in between
the control and treated plots, but chlorosis and yellowish patches of
leaves were observed in control orchid leaves. Nitrogen content in L.
camara leaf was significantly higher than in orchid leaf, the order of
importance of mineral nutrient contents in L. camara leaf was
K>Mg>Na>N. In treated orchid leaf, the order of importance was
N>K>Mg>Na. Orchid leaf N content from the treated plot was
higher than control, but Mg and Na contents were almost similar.},
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