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What is included in the author registration fee ?

Author Conference Registration fee includes Paper Presentation, Proceedings Volume Part (where your paper is published), Proceedings CD, Attendance to all Sessions, Conference Programme, Name Tag, Luncheons and Coffee Breaks, Certificate of Presentation, Small Handbag and the signed and stamped hard copy of the payment receipt.

What is included in the listener registration fee ?

Listener Conference Registration fee includes Attendance to All Sessions, Proceedings CD, Conference Programme, Name Tag, Luncheons and Coffee Breaks, Certificate of Attendance, Small Handbag, and the signed and stamped hard copy of the payment receipt.

How can I register to conference ?

The Conference Program and  Certificate of Presentation will be composed using the data entered through the profile. All the conference registration files should be submitted via Conference Registration Page.

I have more than one paper accepted. Should I pay registration fees for each paper?

Yes. If the accepted additional papers are for the same conference venue and date, then you are required to pay 100 EURO for each additional paper apart from the main conference registration fees.

Kindly note that, you will receive one copy of conference registration kit including presentation certificates for each accepted paper issued on your name. The co-authors cannot present those accepted extra papers. 

What are the requirements for student registration?

To register as a student you need to be a full-time student. Student registration requires a valid student ID or certificate in English which states the year of conference date besides the other conference registration documents. Outdated student certificates will NOT be accepted.


Is discount available for students on conference registration fee?

Yes. Please visit the Conference website and find out at "Registration Fees" button. 

Are the meals included ?

Yes, all refreshments and conference lunches have been carefully selected to offer you the best in banqueting. Check the agenda for times.

What if I cannot attend the conference?

Whilst registered with payment, in case you could not attend due to some unavoidable circumstances, the Conference Proceedings & CD, Certificate and the Receipt of Payment will be posted to you as free of charge after the conference. In case you are registered with payment, either refund or chnage in the conference venue is NOT possible.

Where will future conferences be held?

Visit our Conferences page for a list of upcoming conferences.

Will I automatically get a receipt for my registration fee?

If you have registered and processed your payment online, you will be sent a receipt of your payment. If you completed your payment through bank transfer, you can contact us and request a receipt of your payment.

Will I get a receipt when I arrive at the conference?

You will receive the signed and stamped hard copy of the payment receipt at the conference registration desk.


We don't have any financial support or discount for conference delegates. However, we provide our delegates the Early Bird Registration option. Please visit the conference page to see the Early Bird Registration dates.

What is Early Bird Registration?

It is an offer that enables our conference delegates pay less, yet it has a limited time. You can reach the dates of Early Bird Registration fees on the conference web page that you are going to attend.

Should I pay the fee first or register the conference?

You should complete your payment initially, because uploading a proof of payment document will be compulsory during the registration process. Please be advised that you have to re-visit the conference registration page to upload the student ID card (if required), copyright and proof of payment receipt to complete the conference registration process.

What are the methods of payment?

There are three options;

Option 1: Online Payment with Visa or Master Card

Option 2: Bank Transfer

Option 3: Mail Order with Visa or Master Card

Co-author Registration

Co-authors can register the conference as a listener delegate or a presenter delegate. If co-authors will attend the conference as a presenter and present a paper, they are advised to follow these steps;

Co-authors should separately sign up siteorg website and submit the paper as a co-author with using the paper submission link on the conference webpage.

After submitting the paper, co-authors can click on the "co-author submission" link and complete their paper submissions with entering corresponding author's email address.

If co-authors will attend the conference as a listener delegate, they should sign-up the siteorg. After signing-up, they can visit the conference webpage, click on the “Listener Registration” and follow the further steps to complete their listener registration. Listener registration does NOT include paper presentation and publication in the conference proceedings book.

What are the requirements for Non-Student Oral/Poster Presenter Registration?

As non-student oral presenter, you are required to submit an auto-graphically filled and signed copyright transfer and registration statement form and proof of payment document. You can reach the registration form on the conference web page and submit the required documents there. Your conference registration will not be approved without any of these documents. 

How can I register as listener and get an invitation letter?

In order to register as a listener, visit conference web site and click on the “Listener Registration” button. Upload the required documents. Upon the approval of your listener registration documents, an invitation letter will be issued on the account owner’s name. Invitation requests for other people are not taken into consideration.

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