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  country   = {},
  abstract     = {The complexity of teaching English in higher
institutions by non-native speakers within a second/foreign language
setting has created continuous discussions and research about
teaching approaches and teaching practises, professional identities
and challenges. In addition, there is a growing awareness that
teaching English within discipline-specific contexts adds up to the
existing complexity. This awareness leads to reassessments,
discussions and suggestions on course design and content and
teaching approaches and techniques. In meeting expectations
teaching at a university specified in a particular discipline such as
engineering, English language educators are not only required to
teach students to be able to communicate in English effectively but
also to teach soft skills such as problem solving skills. This paper is
part of a research conducted to investigate how English language
educators negotiate with the complexities of teaching problem
solving skills through English language teaching at a technical
university. This paper reports the way an English language educator
identified himself and the way he approached his teaching in this
institutional context.},
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