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  abstract     = {The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation
between Facebook involvement and internet addiction. We sampled
577 university students in Taiwan and administered a survey of
Facebook usage, Facebook involvement scale (FIS), and internet
addiction scale. The FIS comprises three factors (salience, emotional
support, and amusement). Results showed that the Facebook
involvement scale had good reliability and validity. The correlation
between Facebook involvement and internet addiction was measured
at .395. This means that a higher degree of Facebook involvement
indicates a greater degree of psychological dependency on the internet,
and a greater propensity towards social withdrawal and other negative
psychological consequences associated with internet addiction.
Besides, the correlations between three factors of FIS (salience,
emotional support, and amusement) and internet addiction ranged
from .313-372, indicating that these neither of these factors (salience,
emotional support, and amusement) is more effective than the others in
predicting internet dependency.},
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