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  abstract     = {The freezing point of milk is in important indicator of
the milk quality. The freezing point of milk is determined primarily
to prove milk adulteration with water and to determine the amount of
water in it. Chemical composition and properties of milk, thermal
treatment and presence of any substance can influence freezing point
of product. There are different substances, which can be added to
milk with main purpose to prolong shelf-life of raw milk. There are
detergent, preservatives, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide,
antibiotics, sodium carbonate, and hydrogen peroxide. Therefore the
aim of the present study was to determine freezing point of milk,
skimmed milk, pasteurized milk and milk with different substances
(formaldehyde, antibiotics, sodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide,
disinfectant, and detergent) in different concentrations. The thermal
treatment and different undesirable substances presence in milk have
significant influence on freezing point of it.},
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