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  country   = {},
  abstract     = {Dimensionality reduction and feature extraction are of
crucial importance for achieving high efficiency in manipulating
the high dimensional data. Two-dimensional discriminant locality
preserving projection (2D-DLPP) and two-dimensional discriminant
supervised LPP (2D-DSLPP) are two effective two-dimensional
projection methods for dimensionality reduction and feature
extraction of face image matrices. Since 2D-DLPP and 2D-DSLPP
preserve the local structure information of the original data and
exploit the discriminant information, they usually have good
recognition performance. However, 2D-DLPP and 2D-DSLPP
only employ single-sided projection, and thus the generated low
dimensional data matrices have still many features. In this paper,
by combining the discriminant supervised LPP with the bidirectional
projection, we propose the bidirectional discriminant supervised LPP
(BDSLPP). The left and right projection matrices for BDSLPP can
be computed iteratively. Experimental results show that the proposed
BDSLPP achieves higher recognition accuracy than 2D-DLPP,
2D-DSLPP, and bidirectional discriminant LPP (BDLPP).},
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