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  abstract     = {Toxicity of copper (Cu), lead (Pb) and iron (Fe) to
Tilapia guinensis was carried out for 4 days with a view to
determining their effects on the liver and muscle tissues. Tilapia
guinensis samples of about 10 - 14cm length and 0.2 – 0.4kg weight
each were obtained from University of Calabar fish ponds and
acclimated for three (3) days before the experimental set up.
Survivors after the 96-hr LC50 test period were selected from test
solutions of the heavy metals for the histopathological studies.
Histological preparations of liver and muscle tissues were randomly
examined for histopathological lesions. Results of the histological
examinations showed gross abnormalities in the liver tissues due to
pathological and degenerative changes compared to liver and muscle
tissues from control samples (tilapia fishes from aquaria without
heavy metals). Extensive hepatocyte necrosis with chronic
inflammatory changes was observed in the liver of fishes exposed to
Cu solution. Similar but less damaging effects were observed in the
liver of fishes exposed to Pb and Fe. The extent of lesion observed
was therefore heavy metal-related. However, no pathologic changes
occurred in the muscle tissues.},
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