International Science Index

International Scientific Committee and Editorial Board on Materials and Textile Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hazem Abdelfattah
Department of Clothing and Textiles
Helwan University, EG
Fashion Design, Draping, Pattern Making, Sewing, Apparel Production
Dr. Rajkishore Nayak
Fashion Merchandising
RMIT University, VN
Fashion & Textile Design and Sustainability
Dr. L. Sasikala
Textile Technology Department
Kumaraguru College of Technology, IN
Medical Textiles
Dr. Mary Ruppert-Stroescu
Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts - Fashion Design
Washington University in St. Louis, US
Textile-based Electronic Sensing Systems, Functional Design, Sustainability
Dr. Grace Annapoorani
Department of Textiles and Apparel Design
Bharathiar University, IN
Technical Textiles, Fashion Designing
Assist. Prof. Dr. Vandana Nautiyal
Fashion Design Department
Design Management
Assist. Prof. Dr. Md Ismail Hossain
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University, BD
Textile Dyeing, Printing and Finishing, Application of Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Neural Network and Taguchi Methods for Modeling and Optimization in Textile
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amine Hadj Taieb
Department of Textile Design Engineering
ISAMS: Institut Supérieur des Arts et Métiers de Sfax, TN
Textile and Fashion Design
Dr. Shanmugasundaram O. l.
Department of Textile Technology
K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology, IN
Biopolymers, Wound Healing, Bandages, Antibacterial, Protein Extraction, Scaffold, Baby Diaper, Sutures
Assist. Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Yıldız Varan
Department of Textile Engineering
Pamukkale University, TR
Biopolymeric Materials, Antimicrobial Chemicals, Biomedical Materials
Prof. Dr. Francois Boussu
Department of Mechanics and Textile Composite
Textile Engineering Institute, FR
3D Weaving Technology, Textile Composite, Protective Material to Ballistic Impact
Assist. Prof. Dr. Galina Mihaleva
School of Art, Design and Media
Nanyang Technological University, SG
Fashion Design, Textiles, Smart Textiles
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Polona Dobnik Dubrovski
Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Maribor, SI
Woven Fabrics,fabric engineering, UV radiation, porous materials, woven fabric construction, modelling
Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain
Department of Engineering and Technology
National Textile University, PK
Functional Materials
Assist. Prof. Dr. Anupam Bhatia
Department of Fashion Design
Symbiosis International University, IN
Textile Manufacturing, Production and Quality Control, Weaving, Textile Testing, Textile Wet Processing, Eco Systems in Textile Industry, Intelligent Textiles, Smart Textiles, Interactive Garments
Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Owais Raza Siddiqui
Department of Textile Engineering
NED University of Engineering and Technology, PK
Finite Element Method, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, FSI, Image Analysis, 3D Reconstruction and Software Development
Assist. Prof. Dr. Maged Kamal
School of Textiles and Design
Heriot-Watt University, AE
Fashion Sustainability, Textiles and Apparel Management
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hireni Mankodi
Department of Textile Engineering
The M.University of Baroda, IN
Technical Textile, Textile Composite, Medical Textile, Textile Fiber and Fabrics
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sameh A.S. Alariqi
Department of Chemistry
University of Taiz, YE
Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Degradation (Gamma Radiation /UV –Degradation, Thermal Degradation, Biodegradation), and Stabilization of Polymers, and Polymer Morphology, Industrial Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
Dr. O. l. Shanmugasundaram
Department of Textile Technology
KSR College of Technology, IN
Fundamental of Textile Science and Technology, Textile Engineering, Medical Textiles, Dyeing & Finishing, Fibre Engineering, Composites, Textile Printing Technology
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdulsalam
Department of Chemistry
Benghazi University, LY
Organic Chemistry
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasir Nawab
Department of Weaving and Knitting
National Textile University, PK
Textile, Composite Materials, Finite Element Analysis
Assist. Prof. Dr. Aminoddin Haji
Department of Textile Engineering
Islamic Azad University Birjand Branch, IR
Textile, Surface Treatment, Plasma, Nanotechnology
Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Muge Yukseloglu
Department of Textile Engineering
Marmara University, TR
spinning, ultrasonic energy in textiles, needle heating, electrospun nanofibres, textile composites
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nagla Elshemy
Department of Dyeing and Textile Printing
National Research Centre, EG
Nano Dyes, Nano Binder, Microwave
Dr. Dawid Stawski
Department of Commodity, Material Sciences and Textile Metrology
Lodz University of Technology, PL
Polymeric Materials
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rabih Al-Kaysi
College of Science and Health Professions
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, SA
Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Nanoscience
Dr. Jeyashelly Andas
Department of Applied Sciences
Universiti Teknologi MARA, MY
Material Synthesis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Environmental Chemistry