International Science Index

International Scientific Committee and Editorial Board on Environmental and Ecological Engineering

PhD Candidate Mojtaba Pouladi
Fisheries and Environmental sciences
Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, IR
Fisheries, Ecology, Toxicology
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bharath Kumar Dudam
Department of Civil Engineering
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, IN
Air Quality Studies, Noise Pollution and Geo-Environmental Studies
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anh Ngoc Trieu
Department of Technology Science
Thuyloi University, VN
Water Engineering, Water Resources Management
Prof. Dr. Moustafa Osman
Department of Environmental Engineering
Egyptian Environmental Affairs, EG
Environmental Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainability
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamdon Mohammed
Department of Natural Resource and Environmental Studies
Kordofan University, SD
Biocomposite Natural Fiber, Composite Carbon
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Barzani Gasim
East Coast Environmental Research Institute
Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, MY
Sea Level Rise in the East Coast of Terengganu, Coastal Flood during Monsoon Season
Assist. Prof. Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha
Department of Earth Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, IN
Understanding the fate and transport of nanoparticles in the environment and application of nanoparticles for the remediation of toxins in the environment
Dr. Kayode Ogungbemi
Department of Physics
University of Lagos, NG
Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring
Prof. Dr. Namgoo Kang
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
University of Science and Technology, KR
Laboratory and Field Gas Measurement Systems, Uncertainty Analysis
Dr. Natalia Villota
Enviromental and Chemical Engineering Department
University of the Basque Country, ES
Fenton Technologies, Phenols Emerging Pollutants
Dr. Vidyadhar Gedam
Department of Chemical Engineering
Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology, IN
Mineral Waste, Solid and Hazards Waste, Leaching, Adsorption, Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Assist. Prof. Dr. Benhabib Karim
Chemical Engineering Department
University Picardie Jules Verne, FR
Water Treatment
Dr. M. M. Sheikh
Department of Geography
Government Lohia PG College, IN
Environment, Geography, Rainwater Harvesting
PhD Candidate Archana Singh
Department of Environment and Sustainable Development
Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, IN
Waste Management and Sustainable Agriculture
Assist. Prof. Dr. Abhishek James
Department of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management
Environmental Pollution
Assist. Prof. Dr. Tarek Awad Mukassabi
Department of Botany
University of Benghazi, LY
Plant Ecology, Tree Ecology, Seed Ecology, Botany
Dr. Michela Langone
Civil Environmental and Mechanical Engineering  University of Trento
University of Trento, IT
Wastewater Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas, Biological Processes
Prof. Dr. Edita Baltrenaite
Department of Environmental Protection
Vilnius Gedimina Technical University, LT
Biogeochemistry, Trace Element Transport
Prof. Dr. Fazlay Faruque
Preventive Medicine
University of Mississippi Medical Center, US
Geospatial Health, Environmental Health, Health Disparities, Medical Geology, Geospatial Surveillance, Air Pollution
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teik-Thye (T.t.) Lim
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, SG
Environmental Engineering and Science, Catalysis
Dr. Samendra Sherchan
Global Environmental Health Sciences
Tulane University, US
Water Quality, Environmental Microbiology
Dr. Elżbieta Antczak
Department of Spatial Econometrics
University of Lodz, PL
Sustainable and Social Development, Spatial Econometrics, Ecodevelopment, GIS, Geostatistics, Spatial Statistics, Quality of Life, Migration Processes
Assist. Prof. Dr. Shafaqat Ali
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Government College University, PK
Prof. Dr. Ali Najafinejad
Watershed Management
Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, IR
Watershed Management, Soil Conservation, Soil Erosion
PhD Candidate Keivan Karimlou
Department of Civil, Water and Environment
Shahid Beheshti Universit, IR
Water and Waste Water
Dr. Terry Polen
Environmental Sciences Department
University of Maryland University College, US
Environmental, Risk, Systems Thinking, Ethics, Utility
Prof. Dr. Usha N Murthy
Civil Engineering Department
University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore University, IN
Environmental Engineering
Dr. Mohan Singh Rana
Petroleum Research Center
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), KW
Catalysis, Hydroprocessing, Heavy Oil, Asphaltene, Residue