International Science Index

International Scientific Committee and Editorial Board on Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jaggi Lal
Chemistry Department
Dr. K.N.Modi University, IN
Organic Cynthesis, CH Activation, Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Akbar Boveiri Monji
Applied Chemistry Department
Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, IR
Applied Chemistry
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hirihattaya Phetmung
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Research unit
Thaksin University, TH
Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Materials Chemistry, Transition Metal Oxide Nanotechnology, Crystal Enginering, Computational Chemistry
Dr. Sawsan Dacrory
Department of Chemical Industries
National Research Center, EG
Cellulose, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Olive Pulp, Hydrogel
PhD Candidate Sasikumar Ragu
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
National Taipei University of Technology, TW
Sensors, Biosensors, Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Natural Products
Dr. Magdalena Jabłońska-Czapla
Department of Environmental Engineering
Polish Academy of Science, PL
Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Hyphenated Techniques, Metalloids Speciation, Environmental Engineering, Analytical Techniques like ICP-MS, EDXRF, HPLC-ICP-MS, IR Spectroscopy, Hydrogen Bonding
PhD Candidate Farooq Al-Sheikh
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Waterloo, CA
Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical Industries, Optimization, Adsorption Process, Carbon Capture
Dr. Rasha S. Kamal
Petroleum Applications Department
Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, EG
Organic Chemistry,Lubricating Additives, Synthetic Oil, Polymerization Science, Antioxidant, Viscosity Index, Pour Point, Detergent / Dispersant, Rhehology, Petroleum Application, Synthesis Compounds, Esterfication, Polymerization,TGA , DSC, Surfactant , Corrosion Inhbitor
Dr. Kanak Lata Verma
Chemistry Depertment
Forensic Science Laboratory,Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi,India, IN
Forensic Chemistry,Toxicology, NDPS and Substance Abuse, Separation Techniques
Assist. Prof. Dr. Sara Tasfy
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department
American University of Ras Al Khaimah, AE
Nano-particles, Catalysis, Renewable Energy, Water Treatment, Hydrogen Production, Gasification, Enhance Oil Recovery
Prof. Dr. Erol Pehlivan
Department of Chemical Engineering
Selçuk University, TR
Water Treatment, Composite Materials, Nanoparticles, Graphene and Doped Materials
Prof. Dr. Issei Nakamura
Physics Department
Michigan Technological University, US
Soft-matter Theory and Simulation
PhD Candidate Hadeel Elshorbagy
Department of Chemistry
Menoufia University, EG
Water Treatment, Natural Products
Assist. Prof. Dr. Subhajit Majumder
Chemical Engineering Department
Manipal University, Jaipur, IN
Bio-based Wastewater Treatments (Bioremediation and Biosorption), Nano-biotechnology in Wastewater Treatments and Reactive Extraction
PhD Candidate Garba A. Adamu
Department of Chemistry
Kano State Polytechnic, NG
Environmental Chemistry and Pollution
Dr. Riam Abu-Much
Department of Chemistry
The Arab Academic College of Education, IL
PhD Candidate Rouzbeh Ramezani
Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
University of Genova, IT
CO2 Capture, Membrane Contactors for CO2 Capture, Waste Water Treatment, Gas Storage and Separation Processes, Fluidized Bed Technology
Assist. Prof. Dr. Khaoula Ali Hidouri
Chemical Engireering Department
National Engineering School of Gabes, TN
Engineering Power
Prof. Dr. Hale Sütcü
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Bülent Ecevit University, TR
Fossil Fuels and Biomass Technology (Thermal Analysis, Carbonization, Briquetting, Liquefaction, Desulfurization, Metallurgical Coke Production, Enrichment, Oil Shale, Activated Carbon Technology, Adsorption), Hydrometallurgy
Dr. Boobalan Ramalingam
Department of Chemisty
Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, National Dong Hwa University, TW
Asymmetric Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Roghaieh Parvizsedghy
Department of Engineering
German University of Technology in Oman, OM
Biofuel and Bioenergy Production, Process Simulation
Assist. Prof. Dr. Wael Rabeh
Department of Chemistry
New York University Abu Dhabi, AE
Enzymology, Cancer Metabolism, Structural Biology
Prof. Dr. Dilgam Taghiyev
Nano and Electro Catalysis Reseach Center
Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, AZ
Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Faris Abachi
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Mosul, IQ
pharmaceutical chemistry
Dr. Strahinja Kovačević
Department of Applied and Engineering Chemistry
University of Novi Sad, RS
Chemometrics, Molecular Modeling, QSAR, QSRR, Food Engineering, Food Chemistry, Chromatography, HPLC, TLC, Biologically Active Compounds.
Dr. Dhiraj Devidas Bhatia
Department of Chemical Biology
Institut Curie, FR
Structural DNA Nanotechnology, Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Manar E. A.Raouf
Department of Petroleum Applications
EPRI - Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, EG
Polymer , Hydrogel
Dr. Tongsai Jamnongkan
Department of Chemistry
Kasetsart University, TH
Polymer Chemistry and Engineering, Hydrogel, Polymer Processing